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Digital Marketing Is The Foundation To Growing Online

LDM has the experience and expertise to help your brand navigate past your competition.  Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing market that is in a constant state of change and keeping up to date with these changes are crucial to stay ahead of the game.  That is why constant research and understanding of the change in trends is very important for any digital marketing campaign.  With our collection of creative ideas influenced by our expertise in digital marketing, LDM help direct your brand’s online marketing campaigns while ensuring compatibility for mobile devices.


Search Engine Optimization plays an important role for ranking high on search engines and is still an important component to any search engine marketing strategy.  When it comes to SEO, LDM works with your brand to put together an SEO plan that will help you climb the search engine ranks.

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Paid Search Advertising

Online Advertising consists of a wide variety of different strategies used to quickly gain an online presence.  PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the more popular ways of jumping to the tops of search engines, which will in turn boost website traffic and generate more leads and converted sales.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is online marketing tool used to collect leads and help convert them into sales.  Email Marketing not only allows you to convert leads, but also helps build and maintain relationships with your online audience by providing them with unique content with what is new with your brand.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is such an amazing tool for not only interacting with your online audience, but helping it grow as well.  Social Media sites help attract new traffic while keeping your existing audience interested and engaged with your brand.  Between paid social advertising and creative content, LDM is here to help steer your social media marketing strategy.

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Mobile Marketing

Did you know that Google gives more power to the rank of your website if it is mobile friendly?  Now that people are using their smartphones and tablets more to search online than they are PCs and laptops, being able to market to the mobile user is an important part of any online marketing strategy.  This includes not only your website, but your online ads as well.  At Lighthouse Digital Marketing, we make sure that all of our designs look great for both the mobile and desktop user.

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Landing Page Web Design

Incorporating landing pages into both your search and social media campaigns is a great way to increase leads, conversions and ultimately sales.  Landing pages are a great tool used to send social and advertisement traffic to a page where a user can get the information the need quickly while being provided the ability to take an action.  Our landing page strategy mixes catchy designs with a well thought out plan of good content and calls to action to to boost engagement with your audience.

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