Landing pages are a great tool for both search engine and social media marketing that can be used for numerous aspects of your brand’s online initiatives.  They not only increase conversions, provide more leads and boost sales, but also yield an amazing ROI!  Landing pages are designed to the specific keyword and audience you are going after.  Here is an example of a landing page concept designed by LDM.

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Sample Business Concept

There are many uses for a landing pages including contest entries, free trial sign up, consultation of services and more.

Increase Conversions

Help leads follow through

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Boost Leads

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Grow Sales

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Great ROI Results

Spend Less, Gain More

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With Lighthouse Digital Marketing helping guide your search engine and social media marketing strategies, we incorporate landing pages by directing ad traffic to them to help users find the information they want quickly while looking good on their mobile devices.  We make sure to add stunning graphics and planned out call to action buttons to capture more leads and help convert those leads to sales. Compared to other online advertising strategies, landing pages are relatively cheap and provide a great ROI when used correctly.

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