LDM realizes the importance of allowing your company or brand to be accessible through the mobile device of your audience’s choice, which is why we put so much emphasis on having all aspects of your business be mobile compatible to capture as much web traffic as possible.  This means that you still have an awesome website, but when someone views it on a mobile device, it will respond to fit that users device so that they can easily find and read the information they desire.

Now that mobile searching has taken over traditional PC’s, people are using their smartphones and tablets to search the internet and use their social media channels whenever they please, not just during business hours.  This means being able to target them 24/7 is key to keeping up with the market place and increasing website traffic, leads and sales.

With Lighthouse Digital Marketing being a leading web design company, all of our web campaigns hold the mobile user at a high importance.  Our approach to any web design or website redesign project is aimed at making sure that your awesome content and beautiful designs look good on all mobile devices.  Whether your it is your company or brand’s website and content, or if your are launching a social media campaign, a paid advertisement or a landing page, reaching both PC and mobile users is crucial to staying on top.  Our mobile strategies all include creative and unique content, stunning designs, mobile accessibility and ultimately the best end user experience possible.  The first step is to make sure that all of your content looks great across mobile devices, then we start drawing users to it.  This is where you will really see the action!

Mobile Marketing Stats You May Not Know

  • 60 percent of Internet access is made on a mobile device.
  • 51 percent of emails are now opened on mobile devices.
  • The majority of mobile consumers use search in the shopping process. Forty-eight percent start on search engines.
  • 70 percent of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour. That’s assuming that the website is mobile-friendly, otherwise 40 percent will choose another result.
  • 60 percent of social media time is spent on smartphones and tablets as opposed to desktop browsers



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