Grow Your Audience And Boost Sales Through Social Media

Social media is not just a place to share a picture of your new puppy.  Did you know that 47% of America says that Facebook is their #1 influence on making purchases?  Social media outlets have become a way for companies to influence their audience on purchases and also increase interaction.  Lighthouse Digital Marketing works to optimize your brand’s social media marketing strategy, and help develop both creative and engaging content that your audience will find fun and useful.  Plus it will look great on a mobile device!

We assist companies in utilizing social media’s advertising tools to help capture a larger audience.  Did you know that if users visit your website, let’s say researching your brand’s product, you can reach them on Facebook through creative advertisements?  Generally speaking, Remarketing is cheaper on Facebook than on popular search engines.

If your brand is in a competitive market, Facebook Remarketing is a key factor to completing a sale.  In many situations, a consumer will research multiple options before making a decision.  When consumers visit your website to find information on a product or service and drop off to compare with another website, there is a good chance that they may forget that they visited your site or are unable to find their way back.  Using Facebook Remarketing to those consumers who visited your website works to amend this situation. When they see your advertisement, they are reminded of your product or service and are more likely to convert into a sale.

Build Your Presence, Interact With Your Audience And Convert Lost Leads!

People are using social media now more than ever. Last year 74% of adults that were online used social media networks.  Social media usage continues to break usage records and provides a customer experience that no other platform can.

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